My names Dana Van Ieperen, The Plumber Next Door. I’ve been plumbing for over 10 years. Plumbing is something I enjoy but my real passion is helping people. I used to help out people with their problems in my apartment building in Langley and I quickly became known as “The Plumber Next Door.” The more of my neighbours I helped out, the more of them that called. I guess you could say my neighourhood grew.

Even though I became a little more popular I never forgot where I came from or what got me there. In my business, we get a bit of a bad rap. I hear stories all the time of customer who has been over-charged or had shoddy work done by other plumbers. That’s why I have always maintained my approach of giving the customer an honest and worry-free experience. Let’s face it, a leak or a clog is stressful enough as it is. The last thing you need to worry about is hiring the wrong guy.

If you have a plumbing problem and you need a friendly neighbour to fix your plumbing, give me a call today. I’m here to help.