Common Drainage Problems In The Home

Sanitary and storm drainage is a crucial part of a home’s plumbing system. Improper installation or use results in back-ups, floods, and other disasters. Many people take their homes drainage system for granted until there is a problem. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the common problems and how to prevent them.


Drainage Does Not Meet Code

Unfortunately one of the most common problems in a drainage system is that it was not done right in the first place. Plumbing codes have been developed on the provincial and federal levels to ensure that drainage is done properly. Improper pipe sizing can lead to nuisance blockages. Provincial plumbing codes determine what size pipe should be used for what plumbing fixture. Too small of a pipe and it will not be able to handle the volume. Some other common code violations are using T fittings where Y fittings should be used. This will prevent a smooth flow. You should always have a city inspector check over any major work done in your house.

Damaged Drainage Pipe

A damaged underground pipe can create big problems. Not only will it slow or stop the flow of sewage out of your home but it is harmful to the environment. Metal pipes made of copper or cast iron can corrode over time and blockage outflow. I usually come across it when cast iron hub and spigot pipe is used underground. As a result roots from nearby trees will find their way into the joint and burrow their way into the pipe in search of water. It’s not uncommon to find a big ball of roots inside a sanitary building drain in someone’s front yard. The only way to find out where the damaged section of the pipe is to use a drain camera. As a result, the plumber will be able to find where the damage has been done and the necessary repair can happen.

Improper Use

The final and most preventable cause of drainage blocks is improper use by occupants. This is most common inside businesses such as restaurants. People often don’t put much thought into what the put down the drain. Products such as paper towel which don’t break down easily can cause backups in public toilets. Also washing food waste down kitchen sink drains without a garbage disposal and without letting the water running will surely cause problems. Know the limitations of the drainage of your home, too many people use there drains like a garbage can. Whatever goes down the drain should be as close to liquid form as possible.

In conclusion, no matter how careful you are or how new your home is, drainage blockages can occur. The Plumber Next Door is your solution for a drainage blockage in your home. The next time you have a slow-moving drain or a clog, give me a call and I’ll be there to help.

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