You Have A Clogged Sink, What To Do, What Not To Do

One of the main plumbing problems that I come across is a clogged sink. While it is quite common, it is also quite preventable. I can offer you some solutions on how you can fix some minor clogs yourself. This will help you gain a better understanding of how your plumbing works and help you save some money.

clogged sink

Prevention Is Key

The best way to prevent this mess is to take some steps to avoid a clogged sink in the first place. For kitchen sinks always be conscious of what you are dumping down there. The majority of food waste should go into the compost. Then the last remaining bit should be washed off in the sink. When washing off greasy dishes or pans be sure to let the hot water run for close to a minute. Same with the garbage disposal. Most people will grind up the food, then shut the garbage disposal and water off at the same time. The waste now needs to be washed away. Let the water run for a bit longer so it can work its way down to the main drain.

Bathroom sinks are also quite susceptible to clogs as well. Some of the main culprits here are a build-up of toothpaste and hair. You should never wash your hair in a bathroom sink. This is because there are more mechanical parts in a bathroom sink than a tub or shower. This greatly increases the chance of a clogged sink. If you must wash your hair in the bathroom sink, purchase a strainer from the local hardware store to catch the hair. When it comes to toothpaste the same rules apply as washing away food waste, let the water run.

Be Careful With Chemicals

So you have decided to take matters into your own hands. You remember that infomercial you saw a couple of nights back claiming that their products are going to put plumbers out of business (it’s alright, we don’t take it personally). Before you rush down to the hardware store, keep a couple of things in mind. Some of the products are highly acidic. If you have copper or brass drainage they could burn right through them. Secondly, there’s no way these chemicals can be good for the environment. I’m not saying all drain cleaning solutions are bad but please do your homework first. Chose one that will go easy on your plumbing system and on our waterways.

Some Common Solutions To A Clogged Sink

Aside from drain cleaning chemicals, there are some home remedies that can be used. The trusty plunger is usually enough to get minor clogged sinks moving. Be sure to plug off the other side of the kitchen sink or the overflow of the bathroom sink. For bathroom sinks where the clog is just build-up, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can clear the clog. Just dump a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in the sink and pour some vinegar in there. Now watch it fizz up like a volcano at an elementary school science fair (do they have those anymore?) and rinse with hot water. If the following isn’t enough to get things moving, it may be time to call a plumber.

Is It More Than A Clogged Sink?

One final thing you may want to check is if it is just a clogged sink. If you run the sink and any other plumbing fixtures start backing up then you have a bigger problem. Time to call a professional.

Hopefully, this provided some insight on how to deal with a clogged sink. If you need a drain cleaning job done or any other plumbing work, Call the Plumber Next Door for a free estimate today.

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